Simple but important things a student should know to perform well in JEE

It is a dream for every engineering aspirant to crack JEE and get a chance to become an eminent engineer under the world famous banners of IITs. Preparing for JEE can be the highest rewarding thing in your career. The preparations demand in-depth knowledge and apt supervision to get recognized in the national level exam. Needless to say, the competition is huge and cutthroat. To survive the struggle there are some key aspects that you should ponder to get a good hold of the situation and clear out the picture you are in.

Key aspects of JEE 2016

  1. An excellent platform

JEE is not only an exam but it is also a platform that prepares you for the next years of hardships. By studying under an excellent supervision and giving diligent efforts to maintain a schedule you will become tough and hardworking. In fact your foundation will fortify so much that you will be able to score great marks by learning in boards cbse 12 syllabusand other competitive platforms.

  1. Learning how to manage time

JEE will teach you how to manage time and make the most of it. It is not a playhouse where you can spend time with your buddies chatting and collecting answers. The stringent selection procedure sets one of the toughest exam papers that become a challenge to all the students. The multiple choice type questions ha negative marks also. So if you answer them in a hurry with baseless calculation then all your hard earned marks will be eaten away by negative marking (1/4th for every wrong answer). Managing time is the first thing that is taught in the IIT coaching offered by eminent teachers.

  1. Accuracy and precision

You have to be accurate and to the point while attempting the questions. Only 3 hours are awarded to answer the highly conceptual questions. Your precision is the key aspect of scoring a good position in the JEE. So the first habit you have to build in yourself is practice. You have to prepare for your boards as well as do the advanced problems parallel. The time span of two years is what you have got to become the best.

  1. Knowledge about the syllabus

Get to know the syllabus well. You cannot ignore other subjects which might ruin your board results. As we all know that to cross the first level in JEE you need good grades as 40% of your hard work will be taken in account. Divide your attention properly towards every subject and start developing the foundation. The subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics are the only ones that you have to work hard on. As for example class 12 physics syllabus and chemistry syllabus are different as that of the class 11. Pupils tend to forget the 11 part due to the introduction of new chapters in class 12. They need to keep the syllabus in touch. All the important topics must be mastered properly as per the guidance of the mentors.

  1. Coaching classes for JEE

You are not alone in this fight. There are various institutions that offer best coaching for IIT which will help you to gain in-depth knowledge of the subjects. You can develop your concept well and prepare your skills to come up with solution of any problem given to you in time. There are offline and online ways to coach a student. It is all up to your convenient level that what medium you will select for the learning process. Face to face interaction is better always but online coaching gives you good control over time to cover up your routine properly.

  1. Solve and check

Solve as many question papers you can from the previous years. Then go back to the solution and check the methods that can award you valuable seconds. Time bound practices are a very important key aspect in a national level exam. Go for group studies with the diligent and intelligent ones in the class and prepare your mindset.

In a nutshell

It is not that mastering cbse class 12 syllabus will help you crack the exams. But you have to stay in touch with the entire physics, chemistry and mathematics curriculum. To concentrate better, stay healthy and rest enough. Self study gives you the proper time to understand your situation. Keep the distractions at bay and steadily excel towards success.

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